The Journey Begins

I hate the word “journey.”

The title above is the default first post title when creating a new blog via The fact that it is the default title really tells you all you need to know about society today and humanity writ-large. Imagine in hushed tones: “Yes, my journey begins on this blog, as I sit in my underwear in my mom’s basement, eating Cheetos and pontificating about shit I have no right to pontificate about, and maybe having the gall to dispense advice or wisdom I have no idea whether legitimate or not, but what the fuck, amirite? When in Rome! I have no life experience. I have no accomplishments. But you don’t know that, so I’ll speak my truth, whether it is based in fact at all, because I heard or read it one time from some dude who may or may not have any credibility, and it felt right to me. So follow me, as I go on my journey, journeying to places or ideas or even just shit I just make up, and I’ll journal along the way on my journey, and maybe I’ll wear a jersey on my journey, and maybe I’m from New Jersey wearing my jersey on my journey, eating beef jerky while I serve on life’s jury deciding whether it is guilty or innocent…”

The Happy Nihilist website will be geared towards finding meaning in an ultimately meaningless existence, and as a consequence achieving a happiness rooted in truth as opposed to pretty little lies. As Friedrich Nietzsche predicted, once realizing “God is dead, and we killed Him,” humanity would undergo a “crisis of nihilism,” and we would need to struggle through it, reevaluate our values through the power of our will, and somehow come out on the other side ubermenschen or “supermen.” Nietzsche never claimed to achieve this status, and in the later years of his life went mad as a result of syphilis and died after suffering multiple strokes.

I have no intention of contracting syphilis. I’d rather not go mad, but as Norman Bates said: “We all go a little mad sometimes.” Especially in today’s batshit crazy world. I know I will die someday (maybe even tomorrow, who knows?) and there are worse ways to go than a stroke, but as the great Carl Spackler once said, I’d prefer to “on my deathbed, achieve total consciousness.”

Below is a default quote from to make you feel all warm inside, and a photo of what looks like the point-of-view of someone who is drowning at sunset, or sunrise, depending on the coast.

“So I’ve got that goin’ for me, which is nice.”

Gunga Lagunga


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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