Tag: Nihilism

You Don’t Matter

“It’s a big universe, Jerry, and some things in it are talking monkey work. Monkeys, like you.” – the Angel Gabriel (played by Christopher Walken) in “The Prophecy” You are a speck, living on a speck, orbiting a speck, spiraling about a speck, hurtling… Continue Reading “You Don’t Matter”

It’s Funny Because It’s True!

A really funny feed on Twitter is Nihilist Arby’s. When beginning my “Nihilist Journey” (ugh, there’s that word again, journey), I found Nihilist Arby’s – I don’t remember exactly how or where, whether it be via a Google Search or an article on Nihilism… Continue Reading “It’s Funny Because It’s True!”

The Happy Nihilist

I can’t remember exactly how I found this song, which eventually became the inspiration for this new website (similar to how “The Black Brigade” by Mercenary inspired my previous effort at BlackBrigade.org). I believe I typed into Google “positive nihilism” or something similar, and… Continue Reading “The Happy Nihilist”

The Journey Begins

I hate the word “journey.” The title above is the default first post title when creating a new blog via WordPress.com. The fact that it is the default title really tells you all you need to know about society today and humanity writ-large. Imagine… Continue Reading “The Journey Begins”